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What is McNaughton Center?

McNaughton Center aims to enhance the learning experiences of IEEE Student & Graduate Student members at Canadian Universities and Colleges, as well as encouraging IEEE membership and activities, and interaction between the IEEE Student Branch and the local IEEE Section. Ted Glass (in 1979) created the first centre at the University of Manitoba in memory of General Andrew G. L. McNaughton, one of Canada's most distinguished electrical engineers. For more information about General Andrew G. L. McNaughton, please visit the Profile of McNaughton.

The McNaughton Center was officially re-opened at McGill University in January 2014 (founded in 1983), and is currently managed by the McGill IEEE Student Branch and the McGill Electronic and Robotics Group (MERG) under the guidance of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS). The McGill McNaughton Center was supported with the help of the ICF McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grant. The Opening Session took place on Thursday, 30th January 2014 from 1500 to 1600 in room MC603 of the McConnell Engineering Building.

3D Printing & Equipment Rental

As a McGill Student, YOU can now 3D print your 3D models with our McNaughton Center Officers or borrow the following equipment by signing up as an annual member of our McNaughton Center. An email request for all equipment rental or printer use must be sent to our email address with the relevant text under the subject line.

Summary of 3D Printing & Equipment Rentals

Quick Guide to 3D Printing

Please remember to read the "Summary of 3D Printing & Equipment Rentals" and "Quick Guide to 3D Printing" pdf files before sending us an email!

3D Printing Google Form

Available colors (1.75mm PLA material): green, magenta, white, light brown, glow-in-dark