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Executive committee 2017

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Nima Akbarzadeh


Nima Akbarzadehclose

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ph.D.
Research Area: Stochastic Control and Reinforcement Learning.
Biography: Nima is a Ph.D. candidate in ECE department at McGill University. He works under the supervision of Prof. Aditya Mahajan. His research focus is on Multi-armed bandit problems, Markov decision processes and Machine learning. He has been an active IEEE Student Member since 2017. Nima believes powerful communication through technical communities and branches facilitates the path toward success. His goal is to provide a suitable environment for graduate/undergraduate students to communicate, share knowledge and acquire more experience by networking.close

Bill Zhang


Bill Zhangclose

Major: Major: Software Engineering, Undergraduate.
Biography: Bill Zhang is an undergraduate student in ECSE at McGill. As his goal as the Vice-Chair of IEEE McGill branch, he is working towards the integration of academia and industry and building a strong connection between McGill engineering community and industry outside of the campus. His mission is to serve the IEEE members as well as the student body at McGill with better professional development opportunities. It is his vision to expand IEEE McGill into a wider horizon with the business world.close

Tyler Young

Industry Liaison Officer

& Media Officer

Tyler Youngclose

Major: Electrical Engineering
Biography: Tyler is currently in the second year of his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering. This is his first year as an active IEEE student member. He is eager to work on getting the McGill IEEE branch more exposure throughout the McGill student body via the undergraduate community. Additionally, he is looking forward to interacting with companies to organize events and talks throughout the year.close

Borna Sayedana


Borna Sayedanaclose

Major: Electrical Engineering, MEng.
Research interests: Information Theory, stochastic control
Biography: Borna is a graduate candidate in ECSE department at McGill University. He works on application of sequential decision making in optimizing communication networks under supervision of Prof. Aditya Mahajan. He joined IEEE in 2017 and his goal is to help McGill IEEE student branch popularize IEEE more among McGill graduate and undergraduate students. close

Dima Kayyali

WIE Chairperson

Dima Kayyaliclose

Major: Electrical Engineering, Ph.D.
Research Area: Operation Management of Microgrids
Biography: Dima is a Ph.D. Candidate with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University. Her research focuses on the demand side management of microgrids and the utilization of flexibility sources of systems with large penetration of renewable generation. She has been a student member of IEEE and IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) since 2017. Dima aims to help in bridging the gap between students in Engineering and the industry, through facilitating a more beneficial collaboration at an early stage of the student’s academic journey. close

Navdeep Kaur

WIE Vice-chair

Navdeep Kaurclose

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biography: Navdeep is a Ph.D. student and she works in Electrical energy system laboratory at McGill University under supervision of Prof. Francois Bouffard. Her research focus is optimal investment strategies in flexible power system assets. Her goal as a WIE vice-chair of McGill student branch is to inspire women to follow their academic interests, share knowledge, build strong networking and to enhance active participation of female engineers in WIE.close

Wasim Firdaus


Wasim Firdausclose

Major: Electrical Engineering, M.Eng.
Research Area: Photonics.
Biography: Wasim completed his undergraduate degree from Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh in 2015 and currently he is enrolled in the Master of Engineering program in ECE department of McGill University. His research interest is in photonics field. His journey started with the simulation and characteristic analysis of plasmonic waveguides and currently his research topic is fabrication of efficient chalcogenide microwire as laser source. Since 2014, he has been a member of IUT IEEE Student branch and got selected as treasurer for the year 2015. As a member of the executive committee of McGill IEEE Student Branch, his motivation is to ensure smooth conduct of all its activities and uphold this branch as a perfect platform for students to enhance career skills. close

Elias Al Homsi

Webmaster, Graphic Designer

& McNaughton Center Officer

Elias Al Homsiclose

Major: Software Engineering, Undergraduate.
Biography: Elias Al Homsi is a Software Engineering student at McGill University, an intern software developer at District3, where he worked within different teams to build a forum website to help share domain-specific content. Elias's main interests include graph algorithms, machine learning, and networking. He is also Cisco CCNA certified and studying towards CCNP.close

Chris (Xinyu) Li


Chris (Xinyu) Liclose

Major: Software Engineering, B.Eng.
Biography: Chris is a second year undergraduate student at McGill University. Currently, he is majoring in software engineering with a minor in finance. He is interested in pursuing a career in artificial intelligence field.close

Roni Khazaka

Student Branch Counselor

Prof. Roni Khazakaclose

Position: Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biography: Prof. Khazaka is a senior IEEE member and has also served on several IEEE committees. He was Montreal section treasurer (2005/2006), Montreal section student activities coordinator (2004), and IEEE Region 7 (Canada) student representative on the IEEE Student Activities Committee (1995–1998).
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Milica Popovich

McGill WIE Advisor; IEEE WIE
Montreal Section Chair

Prof. Milica Popovichclose

Position: Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biography: Dr. Popovich is a senior IEEE member and has also served on several IEEE committees. She is a Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation, a Senior Member of the IEEE and a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Since January 2017, she is serving as the Chair of IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE), Montreal Chapter.
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