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Why Join IEEE?

IEEE memberships support technical innovation for humanity and the profession.
Access to cutting-edge information, networking opportunities, career enhancement, and many other exclusive member benefits are the key values of IEEE membership.

Why join IEEE?

Research? Yes
But consider the other perks:networking, volunteerism, soft skills and leadership, discounts, award and recognition.
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Societies & Communities

Women in Engineering (WIE) is a community of women and men supporting women and girls in their endeavours. Membership open to both women and men, and it is free for all students.
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What's New at McGill?

McGill IEEE Student Branch is preparing to welcome incoming students for Orientation Week. This allows us to welcome you and gives you the opportunity to build your network from the very first day.
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Tune in to where technology comes alive! library of programs includes videos on technology and engineering, including biomedical engineering, wind power, recycling computer and electronic products.
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